Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer that can fit in the palm of your hand! The device itself only costs $50 and you can turn it into anything you want, including an electronics controller, robot processor, linux server, media centre and even a windows computer! The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic choice for programmers and those wanting to get stuck into electronics!

Ways to get one:

The Raspberry Pi board by itself can be purchased online from Element 14 for $50. Click here to visit their page. If you can't wait for delivery from Element 14, you can just go and pick one up from your local Altronics Store who stock them for $75.

The Raspberry Pi STEM Kit includes the same board with extra useful stuff like a case, Wi-Fi dongle, and electronics breakout board (so you can start practicing your electronics). It also includes a micro-SD card pre-loaded so you can immediately boot your device with access to all sorts of cool programming stuff like Python, Scratch and even browse the internet! This kit can be purchased from Little Bird Electronics for $125. Click here to visit their page. - Dr Pusey has one of these - it's great!

Dr Pusey's Raspberry Pi Stem Kit, showing how it appears when turned on! The preinstalled software includes Python, Scratch, a Web Browser and even a Raspberry Pi version of Minecraft! The only thing not included in the kit is the screen! Check out all the fun you can have with that break-out board on the right!

Many electronics retailers stock the Raspberry Pi. Be sure to ask for the latest model - Raspberry Pi 3, Model B+.

Have you got a cool project that you've already made with the Raspberry Pi? Send in some screenshots or some photos to Dr Pusey so we can showcase your work.