Gaming Policy

We who love STEM also love games! We love playing games, we love making games, they're just so awesome.

You'll find that we'll incorporate games into our STEM activities very regularly with Minecraft as well as the Video Game Development competition!

So, can you play your favourite video games in STEM Club?


STEM Club is about taking on a STEM related learning project, such as coding, electronics, mechanics, robotics or engineering. Playing video games doesn’t count. There are some exceptions:

  • The STEM Rewards Games day is an organised gaming tournament for regular STEM Club members

  • Minecraft: Education Edition Activities when run by STEM Club

  • Testing video games that you have made, or playing through your friend's video games as a bug tester.

All of the teachers at STEM Club are volunteers who are there to help you achieve STEM learning goals. So if you're "bored" or don't know what to do, please ask a STEM Teacher for some advice and we'll find you something awesome that suits you.

What happens if you are caught playing video games?

If you are caught playing games in STEM Club, we will unfortunately ask you to leave. This will also be followed by a school notice which is sent to your teachers and home to your parents, because playing games violates not only this Gaming Policy, but also the Churchlands Senior High School ICT Policy.

But I'm sure now that you've read this message, it'll never come to that :)