Year 7 Virtual Orientation


Getting Started

  1. Download Minecraft: Education Edition for Windows 10 by clicking here (Backup Link). It can also be downloaded from the iPad App Store.

  2. Download (and print) the Quest Guide by clicking here.

  3. Start the orientation by clicking "Join Game" and entering in the address (See here for detailed instructions)

  4. Explore and enjoy!

Connecting to the Orientation

To download and install Minecraft: Education Edition, visit the following website:

1) Run Minecraft: Education Edition. If prompted with a demo, please ignore and click "Sign In".

2) When asked to sign in, enter in your CSHS email address. This is your username with at the end of it. e.g.

Another window will then pop up where you need to enter in your password.

3) Great - you're in! Now click "Play"

4) Now click "Join World"

5) When prompted for a code, click on the "..." at the bottom right of the window.

6) Now enter "" in the blank box. Leave the port number as it is.

Awesome! You should now be connected!


Q: I already have Minecraft Java/Bedrock, can I use my own game?

A: This orientation only works in Minecraft: Education Edition (which is free for students).

Q: Argh, I'm lost/stuck - help!

A: Just email Dr Pusey and he'll get you unstuck.

Q: Why is flying turned off?

A: We want you to learn how to get around the school. You can't fly in real life... so....

Q: Why can't I use the chat?

A: The chat is disabled just to keep the orientation server a safe space and allow students to focus on the task at hand.

Technical Information

  • Minecraft: Education Edition is available on Windows, Mac and iPad. Students can connect using any device.

  • Only enrolled Year 7 students with a Churchlands SHS Office 365 account are able to connect to the server.

  • Students will be able to see each other and participate in groups if they are connected at the same time

  • The chat feature will be turned off so students cannot communicate within Minecraft.

  • There may be times when the server is full, or down - we apologise in advance for any sadness caused.

  • Please email Dr Grant Pusey ( if there are any concerns (i.e. lost or stuck students).

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