Congratulations to Burger Studios for winning the 2020 Churchlands Video Game Design Challenge!

Enter the Churchlands Video Game Design challenge for your opportunity to win some fantastic prizes from Stott Hoare! This is a great opportunity to learn some new STEM skills, or even put your existing skills to the test.

Getting Started Checklist:

  1. Read the information below carefully

  2. Form your Team and basic Game idea

  3. Register your team

  4. Start work on your game

  5. Continue to update your Game Design Document

  6. Submit your Game and Game Design Document for Judging by 10th August 2020

Prize Categories

Note: Due to COVID and subsequently less participants, the prize categories may be tweaked.

Category 1: Yr 7-8 Scratch

Category 2: Yr 7-8 GameMaker | Unity | Godot

Category 3: Yr 9-12 Scratch | GameMaker

Category 4: Yr 9-12 Unity | Godot

This competition is based on the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge - so you can enter one game into TWO competitions!

About your team:

    • You can have 1-4 students per team.

    • You can only be a member of one team.

    • All team members must be enrolled at Churchlands Senior High School.

Game Design Document (GDD)

    • When you register for the competition, you will be given access to a blank Game Design Document to start filling in.

  • You should start work on this before you begin your game - it will help make your game better!

    • Game design documents are used in the Game Dev industry - it might appear boring but it will make your game better.

    • When being judged, your game design document is worth MORE than the game itself!

About your Game

    • Your game can be developed in Scratch, GameMaker, Godot or Unity. Ask first if you'd like to use something else.

    • Your game must be rated G. This means no sex, drugs or graphic violence like blood and gore. Click here for more info.

    • Your game must be all your own work unless it is declared clearly in the Game Design Document (i.e. "All of these sprites were downloaded from a website" or "The code used to make the car move was copied from a YouTube tutorial")


    • You will be provided with a link where you can place your Game Design Document and Game files.

    • You must submit a completed Game Design Document (remember, it's worth nearly half of the score)

    • For scratch games, you need to submit a .sb2 or .sb3 file.

    • For all other platforms, you must build your game and submit the executable, with any dependencies, compressed to a zip file.


    • Games will be judged by a combination of teachers and industry professionals

    • Games will be judged according to the STEM Video Game Challenge Rubric - Download it here!

    • Games that can't be run, or are submitted with no GDD will be advised and given 24 hours to fix the submission.

    • Results of judging are final, and, even if you don't win, you'll get another chance to submit to the STEM Video Game Challenge!

Important Dates

Register your team by 1st June 2020

Submit your game by 20th July 2020

Want an awesome place to work on your games? Come to STEM Club after school on Mondays and show us your design!

Game Making Platforms

Here are some different types of software you can use to create your games

Godot Engine - Moderate - Hard

Unity - Hard - Extreme

Scratch - Easy - Moderate

GameMaker Studio - Moderate - Hard

Note: STEM Students, or students who enter the Video Game Design Challenge will be given a free license for GameMaker studio to work on their game. Just ask Dr Pusey.