STEM Course

Quotes from Students:

“Fun and exciting as you get to learn about new things when otherwise you would not learn about any of this stuff”

“Very fun and would do it again”

“You can work at your own pace with resources that you find and it is very rewarding”

“A creative subject where you can make whatever you think of and get credit for being creative”

“We get to work by ourselves and do what we want. We're not limited by the teacher. The only thing limiting us is our creativity.”

“The STEM course let's me work with friends and be creative while still learning new things.”

“It's a course based on initiative and curiosity. You make things based off an idea you have. It's an engineering based program”

“I knew nothing about robotics and thought it would be hard too but I had lots of fun doing it. “

For Current STEM Course Students: OneNote Link