What is STEM Club?

STEM Club is an after school Club which provides a place where Year 7-10 students can develop their skills in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields. Projects can range from short-term assignments to long-term projects which demonstrate designing, planning and building of something they can be proud of.

Students in STEM Club are also invited to participate in various challenges throughout the year, including Bridge Building competitions, the Pasta Car challenge, Solar Car Challenge, Coding challenges and the regular Breakout Puzzles.

STEM Club is run after school on Mondays in F8. See you there!

What is STEM Specialist Course?

The STEM Specialist Course is a new elective for students in Years 9 & 10 to encourage their participation in STEM learning and problem solving, focusing on critical and creative thinking. Students are able to plan, develop and carry out their own individual STEM Projects during a semester, with the guidance of an expert teacher who can fill in the gaps. It's essentially STEM Club during school time!

Where and when is STEM Club?

Mondays after school until 4:00pm in F8. See you there!

Can I bring in my own Arduino / Electronics Kit / Personal Laptop / Stuff?

Yes! It's best if you work on your own stuff, so you get to take it home when you are finished. As you have a STEM project that you are working on, please bring in whatever you need. If you would like it looked after, please drop it off at the Science or Maths office to hold until the end of the day.

Does it cost anything to participate?

Participation is absolutely free, including a copy of MinecraftEdu. If you wish to purchase electronics/robotics equipment and work on it in STEM Club,we certainly recommend it and can help you make the right purchase. You can use this website to help inform you about your choices or just talk to us. You may want to buy something small to get yourself started on your STEM Journey.

I can't come on Mondays - what about Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri?

Monday is the best day for most students, but we would love to have you involved somehow. If you want to be added to the mail list as an external club member, please contact Dr Pusey.

What exactly do we do?

Hopefully you're interested in the club because something in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics interests you! When you come to STEM Club you can participate in many of the activities that we have available. Our primary aim is to help you build a project which you can show off at the end of each semester. This might be a robot that listens to your voice, or a cool video game, or even some fancy wearable electronics for your next cosplay. We can help you brainstorm - just come and talk to us to get started

Along the way, we'll hold small competitions or assignments to keep you going. We might do the odd science experiment or show you how to code, solder, or just rule.

Is STEM Club more important than homework?

Nope :(