Getting Started

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Installing Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition is available on Windows 10, iPad and MacOS. Please note that this software does not work for windows 7.

To install the software on Windows 10, please click on this direct link

Otherwise, you can Click Here to visit the standard download page for other options.

The STEM world server address is:

Step by Step Connection Details

1) Run Minecraft: Education Edition

2) If prompted with a demo, please ignore and click "Sign In". CSHS students have full access.

3) When asked to sign in, enter in your CSHS email address. This is your username with at the end of it. e.g.

4) You will then be redirected to the Churchlands sign-in. Please enter your password as provided by the school.

5) Great - you're in! Now click "Play"

6) Now click "Join World"

7) When prompted for a code, click on the "..." at the bottom right of the window.

8) Now enter "" in the blank box. Leave the port number as it is.

Awesome! You should now be connected!