Edison Robots

Good news everyone!

STEM Club now has a number of Edison robots for you to play with and program. We will be running Edison competitions over the year

Edison robots are the best way to get started into programming and robotics. Why? Because they are so cheap, can be built into lego and can do so much! They even have built-in programs that you can activate by rolling Edison over a barcode. Easy! Check out This Website to learn more about the features that the Edison Robot has. Edisons were invented in Australia!

Edison robots are programmed with an easy-to-use graphical interface. Anybody can get started!

Programming The Edison Robot

Want to start writing your programs? Download Edware Here:

Download Edware for Windows | Download Edware for Mac | Edware Online

Can I get my own Edison?

Yes! Scitech's Discovery Shop (9215 0837) sell Edisons as do many other stores. Or you might just want to order one from the Edison Manufacturer Website for about $65.