By the end of this tutorial you'll have yourself a super fast (maybe) mouse trap car!

Equipment Required:

The first thing you need when building your mouse trap car is some wheels!

Front Wheels are easy - use the plastic wheels from the solar cars, and a wooden skewer cut to perfection.

Rear Wheels will require a CD, piece of cardboard and some tape. Attach a small piece of cardboard to BOTH SIDES of the CD to cover the hole like this:

Activity - Mouse Trap Cars

Once you've made two wheels, you can pierce them perfectly in the middle with a skewer and this will become your axle.

Before you attach the rear wheel, you'll need to create a cutout in your corflute like this:

NOW you can insert your wheels, ensuring the skewer goes through the cutout-. Once you're certain everything is good, use hot glue to secure the wheels to your skewer-axle. 

At this point, you should be able to turn the axle with your finger and the wheels will both rotate with it. If not, check your glue!

The Front assembly is easy. First - attach the wheels. Done!

Next, attach a skewer to the mouse trap so that it extends out as a lever. Next - Attach the mouse trap to the corflute using tape, so that the skewer-lever runs down the middle towards the rear wheels.

Next - with the hot glue gun, attach a small bit of skewer across the rear skewer-axle so that it can "catch" the string as you wind it on. 

Do the same thing with the end of the lever skewer, glue a crossbar on that the string can attach to the tip 

Get a piece of string that will reach from one end to the other. Tie a loop in at each end. 

Wind it back and you're ready to go!!!