Year 7 Virtual Orientation

Welcome to a Virtual Churchlands Senior High School!


Thanks for playing - We hope to see you at STEM Club!

Final Leaderboards

 Orientation Quests  /20
Easter Eggs Found 
 ErinD JackA
EmilieS  (19) EllaC  (9)
SiddarthaS  (19) SethA  (9)
  MasonT  (18) AmelieS  (8)
AlexT  (18)JoelP  (8)
AmeliaG  (17)MasonT  (8)
LachlanM  (16)AlexT  (8)
EstelleF  (16)JeremyW  (8)
 RemyP SethA
AmeliaB  (16)EmilieS  (8)
 JoelP JeremyWMichaelL  (15)
BenR  (7)      NicholasA (7)
CharlesW (15)
HeatherM  (7)        KiaT (7)

Want to explore Churchlands in Minecraft? Want to complete a quest and win some prizes? Here's what you'll need to do:
  1. Register here to receive your username and password.
    Note: Login information will be sent to parent email addresses. If you have registered but not yet received a login, check your spam folders and then please email

  2. Print off your Orientation Quest Guide.

  3. Download MinecraftEdu from one of the links below.

  4. Install and Launch MinecraftEDU and connect to the server:
  5. Explore your school! Complete the quests before 10th February 2019 to win a prize!
Pro tips:
Press buttons by right clicking on them!
Don't forget that double tapping 'W' will allow you to run!
If you get stuck, press "M" and click on the checkered flag to respawn!

Having trouble getting started? Ensure you have checked out this document for common errors.

A preview:

Further/Technical Information for parents:
  • For more information about how Minecraft is used at Churchlands, Click Here.
  • You do not need to purchase Minecraft to participate. We will provide a download link.
  • Only enrolled Year 7 students with a registered username will be able to participate.
  • Students will be able to see each other and participate in groups if they are connected at the same time.
  • The chat feature will be turned off so students cannot communicate within Minecraft.
  • The server is hosted outside the Churchlands SHS network and is monitored by a teacher.
  • There may be times when the server is full, or down - we apologise in advance for any sadness caused.