Year 7 Virtual Orientation

Welcome to a Virtual Churchlands Senior High School!

SERVER STATUS: 2021 Orientation Has Begun!

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Getting Started

Final 2020 Leaderboard


Q: Argh, I'm lost/stuck - help!

A: Just email Dr Pusey and he'll get you unstuck!

Q: Can I play from school?

A: Unfortunately not unless your teacher lets you (which is super duper unlikely).

A preview:

2019 Leaderboards

Further/Technical Information for parents:

  • For more information about how Minecraft is used at Churchlands, Click Here.

  • You do not need to purchase Minecraft to participate. We will provide a download link.

  • Only enrolled Year 7 students with a registered username will be able to participate.

  • Students will be able to see each other and participate in groups if they are connected at the same time.

  • The chat feature will be turned off so students cannot communicate within Minecraft.

  • The server is hosted outside the Churchlands SHS network and is monitored by a teacher.

  • There may be times when the server is full, or down - we apologise in advance for any sadness caused.