Video Game Design

We're 3 from 3! Churchlands Senior High School has won the STEM Video Game Challenge in 2016, 2017 and 2018! We have some top young Video Game Developers. Want to get involved? See below!

Australian STEM Video Game Challenge - Submissions Closed for 2018

Stay Tuned for 2019

This Year's Theme is: Transformation

Want to see other students' games? Click Here for our Student Games Gallery

How to get started:
  • Download the STEM Video Game Challenge Information Pack (2019 release coming soon) and give it a thorough read.
  • Come up with a basic concept for a game, discuss it with your friends.
  • If choosing to participate as a group, make sure you each plan to contribute something unique and meaningful.
  • Register your game with Dr Pusey so that it can be entered into the competition.
  • Start working on your game!
  • Don't forget that you need to submit a Game Design Document, so document your planning and drafts/sketches!
Here are some different types of software you can use to create your games:
Gamestar Mechanic - Easy - Moderate

Scratch - Easy - Moderate

GameMaker Studio - Moderate - Hard

Unity - Hard - Extreme