Participate in 6 weeks of super secret STEM challenges and win great prizes! This year's Churchlands STEM Challenge is set to be amazing!
  • When:           Weeks 4-10 of Term 3
  • Who:             Years 7 - 10
  • Teams:         1-4 students per group. The groups must be the same throughout the whole challenge.
  • Training:       Hints about the challenge will be given out at STEM Club in the lead-up to the event.
  • Who wins?   The highest scoring team over the 6 weeks will be declared the winners of the Grand Prize!
  • And?             Obviously there will be other prizes handed out during the different categories!

STEM Challenge 2018 Winners Mehar and Olivia

This year we have 6 categories! And it starts in just FIVE WEEKS!

  • Round 1 – Build a Scratch Program - Download Handout Here
  • Round 2 – Mystery Science Competition
  • Round 3 – Coding a micro:bit
  • Round 4 – Maths Puzzles
  • Round 5 – 3D Design Challenge
  • Round 6 – Building & Engineering

Keen to know more? See below for some bits about Last Year's Challenge

Extra Info: The sounds that the NICTA Board made (clue 8):