Participate in 4 weeks of super secret STEM challenges and win great prizes! This year's Churchlands STEM Challenge is set to be amazing!

  • When:          Week 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Term 4, 2018!
  • Who:            Year 7s, Year 8s and Year 9s are welcome to participate!
  • Teams:         1-4 students per group. The groups must be the same throughout the whole challenge.
  • Training:       Hints about the challenge will be given out at STEM Club in the lead-up to the event.
  • Who wins?   The highest scoring team over the 4 weeks will be declared the winners of the Grand Prize!

19th November - Week 7 Challenge Topic - Scratch

Round 1 Complete!

Do: You will be asked to create a Scratch program that performs particular tasks and works in a particular way.
Bring: A charged laptop running Scratch 2.0 Offline Editor (you will not be able to do this online)
Know: How to program using Scratch. Knowing how to move sprites and process input data will be helpful.
Succeed: Students will be judged on if their Scratch program works as desired. Teams that finish faster win more points.

26th November - Week 8 Challenge Topic: Maths and Coding Puzzles

Extra Info: The sounds that the NICTA Board made (clue 8):

Do: You will be asked to solve a series of puzzles, similar to Breakout
Bring: Nothing, but a laptop will be helpful.
Know: Maths and Coding Principles - Understanding things like Binary, ASCII, etc will be an advantage.
Succeed: The groups that solve the most puzzles, the fastest, will win more points

3rd December - Week 9 Challenge Topic: 3D Design
Do: You will be asked to model a 3D object provided to you, using your choice of Fusion 360, Sketchup or Inventor
Bring: A charged laptop with your software installed and ready to go
Know: How to 3D model, and how to export that model as an STL file.
Succeed: The group that provides the most accurate model STL file to the judges wins more points.

10th December - Week 10 Challenge Topic: Engineering
Image result for wedgits
Do: You will be asked to build something, using something. (Specifics will be told to you on the day)
Bring: Nothing, but a laptop will be helpful.
Know: Creativity! It will be helpful if you were familiar with the different ways that we build things in STEM Club.
Succeed: You will be judged on what you build by external teachers. Speed won't matter.